woensdag 2 december 2015

Jean-Michel Jarre on the evolution of music technology

In this exclusive video, discover the evolution of electronic music technology with a true pioneer – Jean-Michel Jarre. More on this feature at this link.

Watch Jean-Michel discuss how his unique artistic journey mirrors the development of music technology, from the early machines like the seminal EMS VCS 3 up to RAZOR and MONARK.

Find out how over 40 years of synth history informed his new album – Electronica, and hear a legend share his thoughts on technology’s future.


Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Tangerine Dream - "Zero Gravity" 
Jean-Michel Jarre - "Oxygène Part 6”
Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Boys Noize - "The Time Machine"
Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Vince Clark - ”Automatic”
Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Air - "Close Your Eyes"

All music used with the kind permission of BMG and Sony Music Entertainment.

Pictures used with the kind permission of the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) and Aero Productions.